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Parnamar Birthday

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35 years of the Marine National Park of Fernando de Noronha

On September 14, 1988, the Marine National Park was created, making 70% of the Archipelago an Integral Conservation Unit. After three and a half decades of existence, the Park is recognized worldwide through the title of Natural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco and Sancho beach as the most beautiful in Brazil and the best in the world, in elections of magazines and travel websites.

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This year, ICMBio, the federal agency responsible for the Conservation Unit, chose to celebrate the date by highlighting the Healthy Parks, Healthy People project – a strategy implemented in conservation units in Brazil and around the world, in which 'nature bathing' is used as a tool by Health professionals. See more on our news page, click here.


Check out the documentary that highlights the creation of the Park, produced to celebrate the anniversary.


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Check out memories of the team that works for the Marine National Park:

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