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Fernando de Noronha - Acessibilidade - Site Noronha.png

Accessibility for wheelchair users, the elderly, and people with reduced mobility is a part of our work at all stages.

However, it is only possible to adapt some attractions. Therefore, we selected the main areas to receive facilitating equipment and are still implementing other facilities.


Toilets: In areas where we have buildings, we have bathrooms built especially to receive them: Golfinho-Sancho‘s PIC, Sueste’s PIC, Leão’s PIC, and the Visitor Center.


Elevated Trails: To give visitors access to the best of the park, more than 1500 meters of elevated walkways and decks, accessible or with assisted accessibility, were built. The Golfinho’s hiking trail follows the ABNT accessibility rules, and the trail that leads to Sancho can be accessed with the help of a companion due to its steep slope.

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At Sueste Beach, we have a fully accessible deck and access ramp to the beach.


Access to the beach in an amphibious chair: We have an amphibious chair available at Sueste Beach for visitors to enter the water. Our monitors are specially trained to serve you. To use this service, it is necessary to schedule one day in advance with Econoronha at the Sueste’s PIC (THIS SERVICE IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED).

Access to the hiking trails in a special chair: The National Park also offers one-wheeled chairs called Julietti, an adapted chair designed to be used on all-terrain. If support from our monitors is needed, prior scheduling must be done seven days in advance (at the Visitor Center Ticket Office, at the PICs, or via email  We recommend the Atalaia hiking trail, Golfinho-Sancho, São Joaquim of Sueste Fort, and Caieiras.

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