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Two federal Conservation Units form the Fernando de Noronha archipelago: the Marine National Park and the Environmental Protection Area, forming the Integrated Management Nucleus (NGI) of Fernando de Noronha. To carry out scientific research in one or both UC's, it is necessary to follow some steps:

Fernando de Noronha - Topico Ícone - Site Noronha

Step 1

SISBio - Authorization and Information System in Biodiversity


The first step is to submit the study topic on the SISBio platform, which is used to authorize research activities in federally protected areas.

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All conservation unit research in Brazil, in any area of ​​knowledge, must be authorized via SISBio, even those that do not involve material collection.

Will you need to collect?

Only do this for the amount of material specified in the research project and reiterated in the SISBio authorization. The authorization has validity equivalent to that provided for in the submitted project's schedule. It is essential to keep the information related to the project updated in SISBio, including researchers and collaborators.  ​


Do you have questions about SISBio?

Access the user manual or write your questions to

Fernando de Noronha - Topico Ícone - Site Noronha

Step 2

Project submission to SISBio and approval


With the authorization in hand, it is necessary to notify the ICMBio NGI Noronha team through the e-mail about the field expedition.

Fernando de Noronha - Topico Ícone - Site Noronha

Step 3

TPA Request - Environmental Preservation Fee

The Fernando de Noronha archipelago is a district autarchy belonging to the government of the state of Pernambuco and whose local management body is the Administration of the island.


To enter Fernando de Noronha, it is necessary to pay the Environmental Preservation Fee (TPA) implemented by the government, which has a value according to the number of days that you spend on the island. 


Current legislation exempts researchers working in the archipelago from charging, but this exemption is not up to ICMBio. To request it, you must contact the island administration by accessing the government's official website and clicking on TPA Exemption for Research Projects.

Fernando de Noronha - Exclamação Ícone - Site Noronha

TIP: Apply for an exemption in advance to avoid inconvenience.

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Fernando de Noronha - Topico Ícone - Site Noronha

Step 4

Application for exemption from the National Marine Park ticket

Scientific research expeditions with areas of the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park within the schedule can apply for exemption from the National Park ticket.


How to apply?


To obtain the ticket exemption, it is necessary to go to the ticket office at the Visitor's Center with the SISBio license, the TPA receipt (received at the migratory landing), and an identity document.


Are you interested in using ICMBio accommodation?

ICMBio Noronha has accommodations to support researchers. However, using these accommodations depends on the availability of vacancies and prior scheduling. Suppose your team wants to use this resource. In that case, it is necessary to make a request through the e-mail, sending the valid SISBio authorization and the name of the guests compatible with the team members listed in the authorization.

Fernando de Noronha - Exclamação Ícone - Site Noronha

TIP: Request in advance because the demand is high during specific periods of the year.

How is the accommodation structure?


Accommodation is rotating, for a limited time, with suites accommodating up to three people each. In addition, you are allowed to use the communal kitchen.


Each suite has air conditioning, a minibar, and three beds. 


The material for personal use, such as bed linen, bath towel, food, and other utensils, is the team's responsibility.

Fernando de Noronha - Exclamação Ícone - Site Noronha

The accommodation does not have a wi-fi network. Still, the ICMBio administrative headquarters provides a network open to the public: ICMBio-Visitor - no password.

Are you interested in using the research laboratory?

To use the ICMBio Noronha research laboratory, it is necessary to request directly to the coordination of the Research and Monitoring Thematic Area. It can be done by e-mail or during the team's first meeting for presentation. 


The laboratory is located at ICMBio's headquarters and next to the accommodations. It has air conditioning, a large work table, two stainless steel countertops, a sink, a refrigerator, and a freezer. The environment and equipment are for use by ICMBio's permanent research team. It means that it is a community environment and must be kept in order by everyone.


Be sure to bring all the materials needed to carry out the research from the continent. Inputs such as alcohol, formaldehyde, tubes, and pots are challenging to obtain on the island and unavailable from the ICMBio headquarters. Depending on the quantity needed to carry out the scientific expedition and on the transport rules of the airlines, it may be necessary to send the material via ships. Some companies make this transport from Natal and/or Recife. 


As long as there is authorization from the AT Research and Monitoring coordination and, considering the difficulty of obtaining the inputs as mentioned earlier, leftover materials can be left as donations in the laboratory for use by other researchers. All waste produced must be appropriately disposed of, and, in the case of procedures performed with biological material, the environment must be cleaned and decontaminated after work.

Are you interested in getting support from vessels?

Suppose the team is interested in and needs to hire vessels from the island to assist the work, and it will be necessary to access the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park area. In that case, it is essential to check with ICMBio if the chosen vessel has permission. If the vessel does not have this authorization, it must be requested from ICMBio, specifically for scientific assistance.  ​


ICMBio has an inflatable boat that can support specific activities, such as access to secondary islands. The use of this vessel depends on the availability and must be arranged directly with ICMBio. If this interests the team, please get in touch with us in advance through the e-mail   

Get to know some of the activities that the internal research team realizes:

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